Guidelines for Submission

  • Length: not to exceed 30 lines of poetry or 300 words of prose.
  • Form: must be a narrative written in the voice or voices of the deceased. 
  • Your Name: Include your real name in the form that is most comfortable for you. 
  • Title: typically the first and last name of the person who is speaking, but of course there are exceptions. We need the name (true or false) of the deceased, or at least a generic category for the deceased.
  • Headnote: give the geographical location of the deceased.
  • Subject: A friend or relative, someone you knew or even a famous person, but no one who is fictional. No one whose death is recent, please. We do not want raw pathos.
  • Avoid offensive language and malicious content. The audience for this site is intended to be as wide as possible, and children may be included among the readers and contributors.
  • Include an image of a headstone or marker if possible. If not, include an image that ties the deceased with where and how he or she lived or died. Viewers are more likely to stop and read when they see an image. But please, no picture of the deceased when alive.
  • A link can be a useful way of giving your piece additional context. An obiturary or a page at, for example, or a genealogy site like
  • Initially only one contribution per writer will be accepted, but you are free to make later submissions.
For additional guidelines please review the Samples page.

Send submissions to the Editors, poundsway(at)gmail(dot)com.