February 2, 2012

"Evalene Blackburn" by Craig Andrews

Columbia, Boone Co., MO

I found each day a time
to pray and count
the bounty of my God.
The Lord gave
three daughters, six sons.
I never thought of times as soft or hard.
The Good Lord saw us through each day
some way though
there were times
I don’t know how.

With Dad, I’d get so riled
when he began to drink
because I had to plan
for all those mouths to feed.

It was not too long after all
the kids got grown,
when Parkinson’s disease
attacked my nerves.
Some days I felt like Job.
God was always there
for me though,
so kind and good.
What a blessing, all the grandkids.
I loved to write the birthday cards

and always put a dollar in each one,
earned from selling eggs.
Bless their little hearts.
The last ten years or so I could hardly hold a pen,
so much I shook.
but I think those little ones could read

what I had written there,

and of my life

those cards

must be
the only book.