February 10, 2012

"Frances S. Dabbs" by Thomas Dabbs

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Taken by Alzheimer's, too early, too soon

I remember love and the man,
handsome and spirited, 
easy to love, and more loved,
for the love he returned.

I remember our children,
their wandering spirits,
returning whole beneath
our abundant love.

I remember beauty,
freely given, my beauty
given from his eyes,
when elated, even in despair.

I remember when we understood,
his flaws were not flaws, but sickness,
a flyer's sickness,
a flyer who must crash to land.

I remember medicine,
his wholeness returning, our love,
my memory cracking, slowly,
like a windshield struck by a stone.

I do not remember the medicine
that did not help me remember,
the many years, the broken light,
the abundant tears of undying love.

Can the gentle mysteries
of wholeness and love remain,