February 1, 2012

"Walt Whitman" by Alan Botsford

Harleigh Cemetery, Camden NJ
Musings of young Walt Whitman, Brooklyn, NY, 1835

what do I know?
If I knew would I tell you?
who do I see?
If there be more of this to come would your eyes open?
what do I feel?
If joy were your birthright would pain be jealous?
where shall I go?
If wings the butterfly outspread could carry the earth, would spring be sprung free year-round?
when shall I arrive?
If by this forehead sun rejoiced, would moon approach us and be glad?
what do I do in the meantime?
If music be time, would rhythm be a dream?
who are you?
If I were you I would love me all the night through.
who am I?
If you were Pan panning for gold, you’d be panned.
am I a river?
You are the ocean.
am I a tree?
You are the forest .
am I a stone?
You are the mountain .
am I a student?
You are the teacher.
am I a child?
You are the man.
am I in evidence?
You are the proof.
am I a poet?
The universe is waiting...

Alan Botsford, editor of Poetry Kanto, is the author of Walt Whitman of Cosmic Folklore.
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