April 27, 2012

"Renee Radding" by Lauren Radding, student, grade 11

I was a hair stylist, 
a cake decorator,
but overall I was a mother, 
the mother of three young children.
I had a husband who was a dentist
and I lived in a small town named Ojai.

I felt a bump,
in fact it was a lump,
a lump of cancer.
The doctors told me that I was 
diagnosed with breast cancer.

The cancer spread throughout my body,
like butter spreads on bread.
I began to feel weak,
as the hair started leaving my head.

I didn’t like to live as if my life was done.
In the time they gave me,
I made sure to have the most fun.

I want the best,
for the ones I love most dear. 
Please don’t cry.
For I will always be near.