April 29, 2012

“Duncan MacDonell,” by Tait Rains, student, grade 11

I loved my house in Mexico.
I could be there
and let the thoughts in my mind
just drive
a   w   a   y   ,
like putting a bottle in the ocean
and watching it float 
and father away from your ship
until finally you couldn’t see it anymore.
I missed my wife and girls
while I was away.
The more I saw my wife,
the more I fell in love with her.
Why were we divorced
if we were still in love?
Maybe she could tell you.
Oh those polo fields,
how I love to just go for a match.
If I do say so myself,
I was pretty impressive.
Like crabgrass in the lawn,
I eventually dominated 
those games.
How ‘bout them cocktails?
Never was I able to get myself to stop.
Only my 
could do that.