February 13, 2012

"Edd Self" by Michael Bettridge

Thalia Cem., Thalia TX
(Larry McMurtry country)
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I was at my best,
if my-self only vaguely,
heard him approaching,
– we spoke of the Dodgers,
of listening to the radio, Vin Scully

in the rear
view –

I spoke of feed ranches and cattle,
of cow-boying, steering, branding in Thalia and then in
Pomona, where in-close the boy and I did live –
as nearly close as now on me he stands,
above me, in my ear, nearly,
his feet ground-ing –
trowel-ing, over-turning the mud
as if to un-irrigate the worms –

no, my Grand-son, the dear boy, is not yet up to sustaining
the long-distance narrative of my death

– it still is too early and too close to the bone

in the rear

we spoke of extending, yet –
yet, I entreated him to leave

he, at his pace
to that place at the stone,
where enough said is enough said

– now, let him be with
if even uneasily